Buy Verified BM Facebook + WhatsApp api, for WhatsApp mailing, start limit of 250 messages (increasing), Geo France

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Verified business manager with RK 250+/50. It is linked to the WA api with a starting limit of 250 messages.
The verification does not cancelling 

The WA connection was made through the provider. 

The starting shooting range for 250 messages per day was received.
It depends on Tier how many conversations with unique users the company will be able to start within 24 hours:
Tier 0 - 250 correspondence;
Tier 1 — 1000 correspondences;
Tier 2 — 10,000 correspondences;
Tier 3 — 100,000 correspondences;
Tier 4 — unlimited number.

The limit on the number of correspondences increases and decreases automatically.

It depends on three criteria:

- Rating the quality of your room;
- Account status;
- The number of messages sent to unique recipients.

The levels increase when the following conditions are met:

you send informative messages to customers, do not spam or be rude to them; the total number of users to whom the company has sent messages in the last seven days is half of the current limit.

You add your phone number for work. A guarantee is given for the cancellation of the verification - this will be a pleasant bonus to the purchase.
Before using it, carefully study all the nuances of working with the WA Api. Read the rules from Meta.

Return Policy:
- The business manager's verification meeting is earlier than 7 days
- If you could not log in to the bm using the invited link
- If the BM limit is 50, instead of the stated 250
- If the ADS cab is banned at the entrance.
- If you find a banned WhatsApp when entering the bm
- If WhatsApp is banned after your manipulations
We are not responsible for your actions with WA.
WhatsApp is up-to-date and fully ready to work.